cse 488 : Ethics and the Computing Professional : Fall 2001

Text: Richard Spinello, "Cyberethics : Morality and Law in Cyberspace", Jones and Bartlett, 2000

Other references:

To help improve your long term survival in computing by increasing your knowledge, awareness, and thinking about non-technical problems facing a computing professional. To help you to act better when faced with difficult choices.

Ideally you have completed nearly all of the Computer Science degree before taking this class. You need to be able to read articles, books, and papers -- both online and hard-copy. You need be able to write essays. You need to be able and willing to take part in discussions. Critical thinking is important in this class.<

Class meets: T 12:00-1:50PM - Biology 321.

Assignment 1 (Due Oct. 2):
Read the ACM code of professional conduct. Think about conflicts that can arise between different sections of the code and be prepared to discuss in class.
Read Chapter 1 in text.