cse 624 : Distributed Systems : Fall 2015

Professor Ernesto Gomez
phone: (909)537-5429
office: jb337
home page: www.cse.csusb.edu/egomez/
email: ernesto@csusb.edu

Class: 4-5:50 PM CE 113

text: L. Ridgway Scott, Terry Clark, Babak Bagheri, "Scientific Parallel Computing", Princeton 2005


This course will focus on programming distributed computer systems. The course will include theoretical models of distributed processing, their application to real systems, programming paradigms and algorithms for distributed processing.

Specific objectives of the course are:

This class will include advanced topics of current research that are not present in the text (or in any text). Where possible, additional references will be cited, and notes will be provided, but some topics will, of necessity only be covered in class discussion. It is your responsibility to take notes of such topics.

  • You will be using mpi (MPICH v2), NVIDIA compiler, PC (parallel C, one of the Planguages – see text, possibly other software depending on need and interest.

  • Your syllabus is this page plus the links:
    (Tentative) Class Schedule/outline (
    Grading and assessment

    If you are in need of an accomodation for a disability in order to participate in this class, please see the instructor and contact Services to Students with Disabilities at (909)537-5238.