Ernesto Gomez

A.B. Physics, Cornell University
M.S. Physics, University of Puerto Rico
PhD Computer Science, University of Chicago

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
California State University - San Bernardino

- (909) 537-5429

Research Interests with selected papers

Parallel and distributed computing: member of Planguages group with L. Ridgway Scott of University of Chicago, developer of PC (parallel C), developer of middleware (SOS library) which supports implicit process subsets formed by program logic, opportunistic non-blocking communication scheduling to minimize the need for synchronization, and short-cutting to reduce amount of work in some parallel algorithms.

Single Program Task Parallelism (Dissertation)

E. Gomez and L. Ridgway Scott. Overlapping and Short-cutting Techniques in Loosely Synchronous Irregular Problems. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1457:116–127, 1998.

Preventing Deadlock with Dynamic Message SchedulingErnesto Gomez, Yasha Karant, Keith Schubert
2004 Hawaii International Conference on Computer Sciences Proceedings, pp 122-140.

E. Gomez, Y. Karant, and K.E. Schubert. Preventing Deadlock with Dynamic Message Scheduling. In H. Selvaraj and V. Muthukumar, editors, Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Systems Engineering, pages 52–57, Los Alamitos, Ca, 2005. IEEE.

Theory of synchronization and deadlock. Developed a formal definition of synchronization that results in a Boolean algebra of synchronization, continuing work in the implications of the theory and tools for practical applications.
Ernesto Gomez and Keith Schubert. Algebra of synchronization with application to deadlock and semaphores. International Journal of Networkingand Computing, 1(2):144–156, 2011.

Study of cellular automata and their use to model patterned growth in extreme environments.
B. Strader, K. E. Schubert, M. Quintana, E. Gomez, J. Curnutt, and P. Boston. Software Tools and Algorithms for Biological Systems, Hamid R. Arabnia and Quoc-Nam Tran Editors, volume 696 of Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, chapter Estimation, Modeling, and Simulation of Patterned Growth in Extreme Environments. Springer, 2010.
Keith E. Schubert, Ernesto Gomez, Jane Curnutt, and Penelope Boston. To live and die in ca. In Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, pages 662–665, 2010

student project/thesis possibilites (Postscript)



Language support for parallel computation, work on next generation of P languages.
Also see PC/Planguage links in distributed computing class notes and files
The latest version of PC may be dowloaded here: PC downloads

The SOS system and function library:

Co-arrays and Planguages comparison: with Terry Clark and L. Ridgway Scott


Research advisor: L. Ridgway Scott
updated September 16 2012